Why Every Pinup Needs to Strip – Strip Her Closet Back to Basics, Of Course!
Jul 28, 2019

Why Every Pinup Needs to Strip – Strip Her Closet Back to Basics, Of Course!

It’s mid-2019, and I’m sure by now you’ve Marie Kondo’d yourself out. And yet – do you still feel the niggling urge of FOMO when you scroll through social media? When we see every other girl wearing new items from big name brands like Collectif or Pinup Up Girl Clothing, it can be easy to fall into the trap of shelling out big bucks when it’s not even an item you want or need. It can even lead to feeling lost in the noise and colour of the pinup world when you just buy and look like everyone else.

By stripping back and refocusing on who you are as a pinup, who you want to be and what your goals are, your retro mind can be freed of clutter and your soul happier for being true to you, not what someone else thinks pinup should mean.

It’s Vision Board Time

Who doesn’t love an excuse to Pinterest?

Vision boards – whether over the top glittery poster, or simply a Pinterest board – are very useful for deciding what to kick to the curb and what to spend on next. If you are in pinup for love and not for the money, you may not consider yourself as being a brand that requires consistency – but understanding your brand (or your core style) can help you focus on what styles you truly treasure.

Ask yourself:

  1. Which outfit is your favourite in your wardrobe?
  2. Which outfit do you wear most often?
  3. Who are your top 3 style inspirations?

Once you have your answers, find clothes and accessories you already own that fit around them. If you have next to no clothes and accessories matching your answers, maybe it’s time for a makeover.

(Photographer: Jill Kerswill Photography)

I personally did this late last year. No one was “pushing” me to dress rockabilly, but somehow I thought that was the style that everyone expected of me. My favourite outfit is this green dress and mustard cardigan. I wear cardigans on the reg. My top three style inspos are Vivien Leigh, Elsa Schiaparelli and Dita Von Teese. More vintage glamour, less rockabilly. Once I stripped back and reflected, I focused on who I really am and want to show to the world.

Build Your Wardrobe From Its Foundations – Not From Scratch

We’ve all been victims of FOMO, or even simply newbie status – wanting all the leopard print shirts, black bordello heels and red hair scarves we can find.

Don’t ditch every item in your closet just because you’ve now decided you are more of a rockabilly rebel than Dita Von Teese vintage dame. Work with what you have, especially staple items like tops, skirts and shoes, and slowly curate your style into its new or truer focus. This isn’t your ex-boyfriend we’re purging from your life – be kind to the previous items you wore and remember the good times you had in them. Better yet – decide what you can sell, donate or upcycle into something more you.

Work with a Palette

This can be tricky ad this is a tip I personally find difficult. You may have to focus on up to the 3 different colour palettes, depending on the volume of your outfits – which colour combinations do you have the most of? Are there any you can sell, donate or some that you will put on your wish list?

Some common palettes include:

Pink, Green, Red

Blue, Red, Black

I recommend at least one keeping a black, white, red palette outfit as a staple item to mix and match for daywear in pageants, or a quick! You have 20 mins to dress vintage! lifesaver outfit.

Spend on Key Items

Now this idea may be very controversial to some – it means not shilling out for that divine dress! However, my advice is to simply buy a few quality items that you will wear often. This may mean spending more, but the handmade nature of accessories such as bangles, brooches and hair flowers usually guarantees the quality and craftsmanship is better.

Join Borrow or Buy/Swap/Sell Pages

Borrow or Buy/Swap/Sell pages on Facebook are shinier than a thousand Swarovski crystals. Here you can find brand new or as good as new second hand clothes and accessories. In my Year of No First Hand Clothes, I have found myself a darling new 1940s style dress through a Buy/Swap/Sell page that I wear on a nearly weekly basis that I would never have found first hand as it’s old stock. I hope you find some hidden gems like me!

Have you ever stripped back your wardrobe? How did you find your most authentic vintage self?


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