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Basic Pinup Makeup - Online Mini Course
  • $20.00
Basic Pinup Rolls - Online Mini Course
  • $30.00
Your Perfect Curl - Vintage Curl Sets Online Course
  • $299.00
Victory Rolls - Online Mini Course
  • $20.00

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Tips, Tricks and Behind the Scenes

Snood Styling

Did you know that the 'Snood' has a very long history in womens hairstyling?

3 Vintage Fringe Curl Setting Patterns

Check out 3 different setting patterns to create a classic vintage fringe wave.

How to Find Your Perfect Curling Method

What is a curl method and how can you find the right method for you?

What is Pomade?

Pomade is a great tool for vintage hairstyling. But what is pomade and why should you be using it?

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Pinup Pageants

Pinup pageant tips and tricks, and lessons learned.

Grip Tuth Combs

Once you go Grip Tuth, you never go back...

Grip Tuth Tuck Comb - 1 1/2 inch Shell
  • $9.00
Grip Tuth Comb - 2 3/4 inch Crystal
  • $12.00
Grip Tuth Comb - 2 3/4 inch Shell
  • $12.00
Grip Tuth Tuck Comb - 1 1/2 inch Crystal
  • $9.00
Grip Tuth Comb - 2 3/4 inch Black
  • $12.00
Grip Tuth Frenchy Comb - 4 inch Crystal
  • $10.00
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