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Tips, Tricks and Behind the Scenes

Pin up: The ever-accepting Sisterhood

When I think of pin up I imagine Betty bangs, high heels and corsetry giving killer curves. I will admit, also, that I am not what I envision a pi...

Baby's Day Out at the Car Show- 5 tips for enjoying the day

Should you attempt to take your baby to a car show? Miss Lolli Suzette says 'YES!' Check out her 5 tips for enjoying (and surviving!) the day, and ...

Razzama Dazzle Clothing Review

So, as you may know by now, that what makes up the majority of my wardrobe is what I like to call 'comfy cute' clothing.Ā Check out my review and lo...

Why Every Pinup Needs to Strip ā€“ Strip Her Closet Back to Basics, Of Course!

Vivien Victory takes you through the steps to strip your wardrobe back to basics and find your most authentic vintage self.

Grip Tuth Combs

Once you go Grip Tuth, you never go back...

Grip Tuth Comb - 2 3/4 inch Black
  • $12.00
Grip Tuth Tuck Comb - 1 1/2 inch Shell
  • $9.00
Grip Tuth French Twist Kit
  • $12.00
Grip Tuth Frenchy Comb - 4 inch Shell
  • $10.00
Grip Tuth Comb - 2 3/4 inch Shell
  • $12.00
Grip Tuth Tuck Comb - 1 1/2 inch Crystal
  • $9.00