3 Vintage Fringe Curl Setting Patterns

Does it really make a difference if you set your curls in a certain direction?

If you are troubleshooting a curl set, or want to suss out how to create the most volume in a style - then changing the direction of your curls could make a huge difference.

We all want that sexy classic 'S' wave for the front of our curl styles. So here are 3 basic setting patterns for the front section of your hair. These were done with a curling wand using a hot pin curl method, using four equal sections.  However, they can be created using standing pin curls or any type of roller as well. 

1. Circle Pattern

The first setting pattern features the hair set in a circular motion. The front (or fringe) portion of the hair is sectioned into four equal sections. The first section is rolled backwards at a slight 45 degree angle. Then the section in front (section 2) is rolled straight backwards. The 3rd section is rolled at a forward 45 degree angle towards the ear. And the last section is rolled forwards. (This pattern is by far the most difficult to describe in diagrams and photos - check out the video at the end of this blog post for a more clear visual explanation of this pattern)

2. Sideways Pattern

The second pattern involves all 4 sections rolled downwards towards the ear to the side, away from the part. 

3. Backwards Pattern

The third pattern is to set the fornt sections downwards, away from your face. 

As you can see, there is a difference in the resulting shape of the front wave and curls depending on which direction you set your curls. 

Check out the full video here:

What is your favourite setting pattern? 

If you love experimenting with different setting patterns, you can find these three fringe patterns with their own complete full head curl pattern, over at the FREEBIE curl sets downloads.