5 Tips to Prepare for a Pinup Photoshoot
Feb 02, 2023

5 Tips to Prepare for a Pinup Photoshoot

So, you've booked a pinup photoshoot. But have no idea what to bring, what to do or even what you can expect! 

These 5 tips will ease your mind and help you prepare to be transformed into pinup perfection. 

 1. Research

What images instantly pop into your mind when you think of 'Pinup'? These can help you narrow down the look you might want to achieve. Doing a simple Google Images or Pinterest search can give you endless inspiration. You can also check out our Pinterest Page for inspiration and photoshoot idea boards. It also helps to stalk the photographers work on social media (if you haven't already) so you know their style of photography. 

 2. Create a photoshoot wardrobe

If you are required to bring your own clothing for the photoshoot, go through your entire wardrobe. I mean, even the 'bought and never worn' and 'only for special occasion' items. Pull out anything that you think will suit the theme or has interesting detail/patterns. Then try it on and allow yourself a few minutes of complete vanity in front of the mirror. How does this outfit make you feel? Select your best outfits depending on your theme and the person you embody when you wear them. If you have a photoshoot planned in a beautiful spring garden, pick the outfit that makes you actually do a little twirl and dance in front of the mirror. If you have a photoshoot planned with a hot rod car, pick the outfit that makes you want to throw curves in your body and give that sultry smirk. 

 3. Mirror Photoshoot

So now you have the outfits sorted, time to practice being in front of the camera. Have you ever noticed that most people can take better selfie's than when someone else is taking the photo? That is because as humans we respond and adapt from observing ourselves. And if you say you don't know how to pose? Well guess what? That little twirl and 'check me out' movement you do in front of the mirror, is posing. So start posing and moving in front of the mirror (as vain as it might seem to others) to see what angles, poses and facial expressions you like the most. There are some obvious pinup poses you can try, from which I'm going to send you to learn from The Cherry Dollface on basic pinup poses and facial expressions

But don't stress too much about nailing these poses, as the photographer will most likely coach you on the day. Having a rough idea of some classic poses will avoid your look of confusion when they ask you to lie on the ground with your legs up. 

 4. Accessories and Props

Accessories and props not only complete an outfit and theme, but they are also lifesavers for when you've run out of ideas. Playing with your necklace, sunglasses, parasol etc can add a great sense of movement to the photoshoot. 

 5. Have Fun!

Above all, remember to have fun. It is normal for you to feel shy and awkward during the first 5-10 minutes. Learn to laugh at yourself during the photoshoot and enjoy the experience. Your photographer will help you feel at ease and your natural smile and vibrancy will shine through the camera.  Now your mind is at ease and you are all prepared for your pinup photoshoot you can sit back and envision yourself transformed to Pinup Perfection.


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