Baby's Day Out at the Car Show- 5 tips for enjoying the day
Feb 02, 2020

Baby's Day Out at the Car Show- 5 tips for enjoying the day

Event and car show season is fast approaching and you're thinking “should I even attempt to take baby and the family?” Yes you should!  Events are fun for the whole family, you love them, you loved them before baby and baby will grow to love them too. I believe its important to include baby in family activities as it helps them develop and grow, building their understanding of the world and their family.

The key to having an enjoyable day no matter where you’re taking baby is being prepared, the more prepared you are the less overwhelmed you feel.  As a fellow Mama, car show lover and pinup I wanted to share my wisdom on taking baby out for the day. 


 (Photographer: Pandom Images)

So here are my top 5 tips for enjoying your day out with baby at a car show or event:

You need both the pram AND the carrier

Trust me when I say take both! Prams are perfect for storage space (especially when you decide to buy new shoes like I did at Greazefest last year) you can carry everything you need for baby and anything else you need for the day, plus room leftover for your shopping. Another great thing about prams is they can double as a change area as some events don’t have designated baby change area’s. Having the carrier is great for when baby just wants to be close to you (who doesn’t love baby cuddles), but still allows you to flick through those vintage dresses at the stalls or take rad pics of the classic cars (or selfies). It also comes in handy if you have a curious baby who wants to look at everything.

Bring your partner or a friend

Ever tried to wee with a baby strapped to you in a carrier? Or found out the toilets are not pram friendly, annoying yes but should it ruin your day? NO WAY!!That’s when an extra set of hands is helpful so why not invite someone along for the day.Plus spending the day with the people we love enjoying a day out is the best anyway!

Dress up but keep it simple and practical

Practicality is your best friend after having a baby. There is nothing more annoying than having to unzip the back of your dress to breastfeed then try and zip it back up again (yes I did this, learn from my mistakes lol). You want to look and feel amazing and the best way to achieve that is by choosing an outfit that you know you will be comfortable in. It also pays to choose a colour that keeps those vomit stains discreet. Dressing baby up too is so much fun, a little matchy matchy is really adorable, and some photographers are more than happy to take a few photos of you and baby dressed up in front of a classic (like the pics taken by Pandom Images of me and my little man at Greazefest). But remember pick baby’s outfit based on the weather, and always pack a spare!

 (Photographer: Pandom Images)

Don’t try to do it all

Back when you had no baby I bet you stopped at every stall, wanted to listen to every band and inspect every car, or stop and chat to all your friends at the show.Life with a baby is a bit slower, to really enjoy the day its best not to do too much.Your day will be a mix of attending to baby’s needs and enjoying what the event offers. Check the program and figure out what it is you would really love to do while at the event and take your time, stop and have a picnic lunch (because you packed a blanket in your pram), see that one band you cant miss, check the stalls you always go to every year and don’t let the FOMO take over.

Enjoy every little moment

When I took my 8 week old little man to Greazefest for the first time we had such a great day! He was a little champion and even fell asleep while the bands were rocking on stage. It was great to be doing something I loved and sharing it with the littlest member of the family. It’s a lovely way to introduce baby to the world you love!


 (Photographer: Pandom Images)

Your Retrobilly Mama,

Miss Lolli Suzette


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