Bettie On A Budget: The Best Affordable Retro Items as Voted by Pinups
Jul 14, 2019

Bettie On A Budget: The Best Affordable Retro Items as Voted by Pinups

By Vivien Victory

Pinup is a world of dazzling colours, luxury landscapes and dreamy looks. While being a polished pinup is the stuff of dreams, the price can be nightmarish for many of us. The “right” clothes, accessories and maintenance rituals such as hairdressing that go along with a retro look can be costly.

As voted by Aussie pinups, some of the most fashionable in the world, here are the best items to scrimp and save on.


 (Vivien Victory, Photographed by Pandom Images)


Hair Curling Products

What a controversial way to start this list! Yes, an overwhelming majority of pinups polled agreed that you don’t need the latest GHD to get a perfect curl. I use a $99 CurlSecret curling wand (yes, as an As Seen On TV product) because it’s quick and I’m lazy. The method of curling is a very individual preference – some prefer hot rollers, foam rollers, wet set, a curling wand or straightening iron. Foam rollers can be bought online for as little as $7 for a set and a half decent curling wand can set you back $40. 


Fake Eyelashes

Confession time: I hate fake eyelashes, and so I only ever buy cheapies (Honestly, if I ever wear them at all). Aussie pinups recommend sets from Daiso or Priceline. There are eyelashes for every price point, and there are definitely situations where fancy eyelashes are needed – you can even buy magnetic ones now so you don’t need to mess around with glue! But if you’re doing an everyday pinup look, or don’t want to break the bank, eyelashes are one item to safely scrimp on.



Surely some philosopher once pondered while sitting on a rock, “How different can tubes of sticky black residue really be?” Luxury brands will tout that their mascaras have certain fibres which cheaper brands do not. I personally don’t believe there’s much difference between a Revlon and a YSL wand. For an affordable retro mascara, try Besame’s 1920s cake mascara, or 1970s fan favourite Maybelline Great Lash mascara.  


Vintage Clothes

A special vintage item should be bought after much thought, planning and saving – so you don’t need to break the bank, so every item is true vintage. All I had to do was mention at my workplace that I liked vintage clothes and then grandmother’s jackets, dresses and shoes started pouring in. People want cherished items to be passed on to someone who loves them – and often a pinup such as yourself is that perfect person. Go to markets, op shops, antique centres and be patient. Vintage clothes are worth the wait and often the best and most treasured will not cost you the most.


Enjoy spending – or not spending much! – on these affordable items next time you shop.


Vivien Victory - Guest Blogger



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