Georgie Girl by Sandra - Hair Flower Review
Jun 02, 2023

Georgie Girl by Sandra - Hair Flower Review

While I do stock the retro pinup large rose hair flowers in the shop, I have also always been a sucker for the classic dainty hair flowers much like the below advertisement from the 1940's. 

vintage hair flower ad

Some vintage outfits call for that touch of elegance from hair flowers and I can't go past local creator Georgie Girl By Sandra. I think I first came across Sandy's work through another pinup tagging her business on an Instagram post and quickly followed her work through social media. Her grasp of vintage floral aesthetics and her creativity to make a matching flower for any outfit and fabric had me hooked! 

Georgie girl by sandra hair flowers

Low and behold she was a Sunny Coast local and we all finally convinced her to start attending car shows and market stalls to showcase her creations. All of her hair flower clips are unique or made in very small quantities. My collection has steadily grown and you can spot me accessorising with them on the socials and YouTube tutorials

personal collection of georgie girl by sandra flowers

My ultimate favourite are her sets, which include one 'regular' sized hair flower cluster with a matching 'mini' cluster - and it has greatly added to their versatility. I often use a mini cluster to balance out a messy bun on causal days, have two matching minis on either side of a gibson roll, or highlight one side of a curl set with a regular flower. 

Sandy herself is a delight to behold, always dressed and accessorised to perfection and you can also spot her and her Hubby kicking it on the dance floor. 

"When I started to learn to dance we both got swept up into the Swing dancing, Rock ‘n Roll/Rockabilly scene. That involved dressing and looking the part. Having a creative ability I started making hair flowers with a group of friends. I made some flower clips for my dance teachers, then I started getting requests and orders. Georgie Girl FB page was born 6th Sep 2016. I love the look, the colours and joy it brings to people. People will always smile when they see you with a hair flower in your hair. It brings happiness to people."

sandy and husband dancing

You can often spot Sandy wearing her flowers with a front roll and slide combs as they help hold and secure a hair flower alligator clip.

"I love dancing and it’s important my hair flower stay in my hair. I’m more of a small hair flower gal but big is impressive and love to wear more when the event calls for big and bold."

georgie girl by sandra

So, let me step you through my collection of stunning Georgie Girl by Sandra hair flowers: 

The Sets

georgie girl by sandra flower sets

These are the matching clusters I mentioned before. There is a regular, statement flower with a matching mini cluster. I like to wear these with the large on one side, and the smaller on the other side of my head, or placed around a poodle updo, or the larger in front of victory roll and the mini at the back of the other victory roll - seriously the options are endless. 

The singles

georgie girl by sandra hair flowers

These single cluster regular sized flowers have different balancing for use in all kinds of hairstyles. Cascading flowers (like the pink and the green) are great for side styles and the centered flowers (like the purple and dark blue) are good for on top of gibson rolls, back of beehives and along french twists. 

The minis

georgie girl by sandra hair flowers

Oh my little cuties! These are just like the mini clusters of the sets, however are mirror images of each other, which makes them perfect for pairing up with symmetrical hairstyles like gibson or victory rolls, or worn by themselves to add a little pop of colour. 

Custom orders

Now, I know you might be wondering if Sandy makes her flowers to match her outfits just for herself or if she offers this as a service? The answer is YES!

I had the most wonderful experience with her bespoke service when I was making a dress to wear to a friends wedding. I knew I wanted to wear my pink flower but I wanted something extra to bring out the green in the fabric as I was planning on using a light green to add contrast details to my dress. I sent her the following photo and after some discussion we decided that two mirror image mini's would work best with how I planned to also wear my hair that day (an elaborate updo that I never got a photo of!!!!). 

custom flower service

Sandy sent me photos of her progress, also on her palm for easy size reference (below left). We both agreed that something needed to be added in order to get them to pop, I suggested maybe white and she quickly sent back the photo on the right. I loved how she works with you to create the piece of your dreams. 

bespoke hair flowers

And check out how well they all match my finished dress, giving a 100% unique, vintage inspired outfit. 

custom order matching dress

So do yourself a favour and follow Sandy's creations on social media. The quality of her hair flowers and the exquisite attention to detail will have you falling in love with them just as I have. 


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I have and will continue to purchase these hair flowers with my own hard earned money. Sandy did gift me the two red minis as part of a bulk purchase. 

Check out how I have styled these hair flower clips in the following tutorials:



Renae xo 


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