Mermaid Hair Dreams
Feb 03, 2019

Mermaid Hair Dreams

Ok, I have to admit, I am obsessed with rainbow hair. I love how the colours are so vibrant and I absolutely L.O.V.E creating detailed updos using the colours and the curls as my inspiration. 

Sunshine Coast local hairdresser and creative colour expert Liz from The Guillotine Hair Artistry does some of the most amazing rainbow and mermaid vivid colours I have ever seen. After (not so quietly) drooling over the work she creates for many months, we decided to collaborate on a 'Colourful Pinup' hair photoshoot.

On seeing a picture of Liz's latest mermaid colour creation on one of her loyal creative colour client's Tarah, I was so eager to curl and wave those colours into a detailed vintage inspired updo. 

I started with just a basic heated pin curl set on Tarah's hair. For these types of updos I like to let the curls 'do the talking'. I formed a chignon at the base of her neck and worked my way around her head, playing with how the curls and waves were forming and allowing the most contrast between the colours as possible. 


Self confessed none 'girly girl', Tarah took on a whole other personality for her photoshoot with makeup and a swing dress from Cherry Bomb Vintage Couture

Colour just makes me feel happy! And I love how the bright rainbow and mermaid hair trend is gaining so much popularity these days.


Give me all the colourful hair to work with and I will be one happy hairstylist! 



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