Pin up: The ever-accepting Sisterhood
Feb 23, 2020

Pin up: The ever-accepting Sisterhood

When I think of pin up I imagine Betty bangs, high heels and corsetry giving killer curves. I will admit, also, that I am not what I envision a pin up to be.  I was terrified when I entered my first pageant and saw all these slender yet curvaceous model type women. I thought for sure I was not cut out for this me being short, chubby and all round devastated with my appearance. But I was about to learn a valuable lesson.  I was lining up for my turn to hit the stage at the Timewarp Festival 2018 thinking I'd made a massive mistake in entering, I had no idea what I was doing.  That was when I was approached by a lovely girl with dark hair whose entire appearance just screamed pin up girl, someone whom I had been too afraid to talk to after seeing  her entrants image, but that was the same for most of the other ladies.


Coming from a world which could, at times, be very toxic, especially when you don't fit the exact idea of what they want.  I thought I wasn’t worth their time but how wrong I was. This lovely lady had approached me to tell me my eyeliner had smudged, before I knew it she had her make up out and was fixing my wings. I was taken aback by this kindness, not really having experienced much of it before, the first thought running through my head was 'why?’ I couldn't wrap my head around why she would do that especially since we were technically competing, not that I saw myself as much of a threat. I thanked her and lined up waiting for my turn to hit the stage.

I was so scared and nervous but once again, another pin up, let me pet her beautiful Pomeranian, Teddy, which helped calm my nerves. That was then, to my utter horror, I was on next and my petticoats had gotten tangled! Again, I was showed nothing but kindness and acceptance and several girls gathered around me to fix my traitorous petticoats. Finally it was my turn to hit the stage, it didn't go well in my opinion, but that's not what this is about, it’s about the moment I stepped off stage and there the pin up with the pup was waiting for me and with a big smile, told me I was 'Teddy's pick'.

It didn't really hit me until a few pageants later when similar events happened like this that it wasn't a token thing. It was that I'd unknowingly entered a beautiful sisterhood where we don't compete against each other, everyone just wants to see each other shine in their own way. All the pin ups I've met have been nothing but supporting, some even taking time out of their day to get on video chat and teach me about posing, or another who helps me every time my lashes don't stick (it happens a lot) or just even just talking with comforting and encouraging words.


I've been lucky to be involved with around 10 different pageants, but I still don't consider myself experienced. But every pageant I do I aim to talk to the new girls and show them the kindness the more experienced girls showed me while I was starting. We're a sisterhood that supports each other and build everyone up, not tear each other down like the world often tell us to do.

If you're new to the scene and afraid to give it all a try, please do we'll all be waiting along to encourage you.  

Miss Cherry Avenue - Guest Blogger 


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