Which Service is Right For Me?
Feb 26, 2021

Which Service is Right For Me?

With so many services and options available here at Sunshine Coast Pinup School, you may be left wondering which service is right for me? 

So here I have answered some basic FAQs and statements that may help you narrow down and choose your Pinup School Experience. 

"I really love the pinup and vintage style, but have no idea where to start"

A full transformation pinup photoshoot will help you get into the style and be pampered and transformed for the day. With professional hair and makeup and clothing provided, we can show you your potential and let you embody another character. 

"I would like to add a little more pinup touches to my daily style without spending hours curling my hair"

The Quick and Easy Retro Hairstyles and the Pinup Essentials Workshops are the best beginner classes. 

"I would love to dive head first into the pinup style"

Now you can customise a Transform Yourself Package where you will gain one on one private hair and makeup tuition followed by a pinup photoshoot where you can gain confidence and show off your new style. 

"I have done a couple of transformation photoshoots but I want to learn how to do my own hair and makeup for future shoots"

We host many group workshops throughout the year which will teach you the basics of pinup and vintage hair and makeup. If a group setting is not your thing, you can always learn in a private one on one setting with a fully customisable session.

"I've been actively dressing in the vintage style for some time now and wish to level up my styling skills" 

Private workshops are the best way to add to your current skill set and tackle the styles you wish to create. 

"I need fresh new photos for my social media and/or pageant entries"

Pinup HQ photoshoots allow you to utilise our full range of props and sets, if you are seasoned in front of the camera, you will be suprised how many different looks we can achieve in just a couple hours.

"I have a special event coming up and I wish to look my best"

We provide professional hair and makeup sevices for special occasions, weddings, events and photoshoots. 

"What if I have no idea how to tease my hair or use bobby pins correctly?"

Our hands on workshops are just that! Hands on, we show you everything you need to know and provide tips and tricks for you, your skill set and hair. 

"What do I need to bring to a workshop?"

All group workshops include a kit with all the essential items you will need to acheive the styles. If there are any extras you are required to bring they will be clearly stated on the workshop listing. Private workshops receive a personalised 'school list' on what to bring. 

"I can take a decent selfie but have no idea how to pose in front of the camera"

All photoshoot experiences include hands on posing and styling assistance. 

"Do you offer any payment plans?"

Afterpay is available on all online bookings

"I bought some products from your shop but am unsure how to use them"

Check out these video tutorials on some of our favourite products. If you are still unsure, simply contact us directly and we would be more than happy to provide tips and advice. 

"I have a few friends who would also like to do a workshop, is it possible for us to have a private workshop?"

Yes! We can organise a special workshop just for you and your friends ranging from 2ppl - 10ppl, which is great for birthdays and hens parties. Simply contact directly to discuss. 

"I really want to learn pinup makeup, but see no workshops available"

Makeup is something we like to teach in a one on one session as it is much more individualised than hairstyling. 

"How do I know how many hours I should book in for a private workshop?"

As a general rule of thumb we like to suggest: 1 hour for makeup, 1-1.5 hours for basic hairstyling and 2 hours for curl set. If you are still unsure, please contact us directly. 

"By the time I saw the workshop listed on social media it was all sold out"

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