Bettie Bangs Bye Bye

11 Ways to Style Away Bettie Bangs

Video Tutorial Online Course


Bettie Bangs, we love them, and we love to hate them! Am I right ladies?

That is why I have created this online course so you can show them who's boss and finesse your Bettie Bangs into many different pinup and vintage inspired looks. But still keeping them at the length that you can still enjoy your Bettie Page deliciousness.

I show you 11 different ways you can style away your bangs, broken down in easy to follow, step by step video tutorials.

So are you ready to say "Bettie Bangs, Bye Bye"?

"The 'Bettie Bangs Bye Bye' course is a fantastic tool to help gals with bangs. The course is easy to navigate and is well explained. I'll never feel bored with my bangs again!"

- Shelley Minson




"I found the Bettie Bangs Bye Bye Course super easy to follow and it gave me a lot of great ideas! I always feel so restricted with bangs and Renae from the Sunshine Coast Pinup School has made a very informative and creative course. I loved all of the styles but if I had to pick a few favourites I would choose the Split It With A Turban (super easy and quick), The Front Roll, The 40’s Half Poodle and The Swoop In A Curl Set. I feel like anyone could achieve the styles and there is so much variety that you can definitely find a few that you could use on a regular basis. I can’t wait to try them all!"​

- Miss Sapphire Sirenthumbnail_image1_edited.jpg