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Course Outline

Module 1 - Welcome


What You'll Acheive

Module 2 - Intro

Curl Sets Intro

Getting to Know You

Different Methods

Module 3 - Science

Hair Science

Module 4 - Pin Curls

Pin Curl Size, Angle and Pinning

Pin Curl Direction

Base Direction


The Brush Out

Module 5 - Setting Patterns

Reading and Translating Setting Patterns

Basic Setting Patterns

The Curl Comparison Experiment

Module 6 - Sets and Brush Outs

Wet Pin Curl

Dry Pin Curl

Wet Sponge Roller

Dry Sponge Roller

Pillow Rollers

Flexi Rods

Velcro Rollers and Hood Dryer

Hot Tong Pin Curls

Hot Rollers


Module 7 - Troubleshooting

Preserving Curls


Planning Hairstyles

Module 8 - Finito

Experiment and Have Fun!