Grip Tuth Tuck Comb - 1 1/2 inch Crystal

Grip-Tuth® (pronounced Grip-Tooth) Hairtainer sidecombs are the best sidecombs in the world. Each Grip-Tuth®sidecomb is handcrafted so its teeth touch through the middle of the comb. This makes Grip-Tuth® different and better than all other sidecombs. Only Grip-Tuth® combs have touching teeth. The touching teeth g-r-i-p gently, and securely hold all hair types. Grip-Tuth® works equally well on fine and thin hair as well as thick, coarse and hard-to-manage hair.

When you insert the sidecomb, your hair gets locked in above the touching teeth, which work like a "flexible spring." Your hair can't slip past the touching teeth. The comb stays put; it's both comfortable and secure.


These are great for quick and easy hairstyles, use this size to secure front/fringe sections of hair or for added security to the back of victory rolls.


Combs measure 1 1/2 inch in length and come in a pack of 2 per card. The crystal colour is suitable for blonde, grey and lighter hair shades. 

Check out the video tutorials featuring this product. 

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grip tuth comb tuck 1 1/2 inch size in crystal
grip tuth comb tuck 1 1/2 inch size in crystal
tutorial featuring grip tuth combs