Do you do the poodle do?
Feb 24, 2023

Do you do the poodle do?

The poodle do? No, not that 'do' or 'poodle' - I am talking about the 1940s and 1950s updo hairstyle which was made iconic from the likes of Betty Grable and Lucille Ball.

The poodle hairstyle got it's name from the fact that the tight curls placed on the top of the head resembles the exaggerated poodle dog haircut. 

A style that I initially was apprehensive about, has quickly become one of my go to all weather styles, and made even quicker and easier using Grip Tuth Combs. 

The easiest way to create a poodle updo is to start with a full head of curls. Instead of brushing out the ringlets, you simply place and secure them to the top of your head, brushing up and smoothing the sides and back until you have a crown of curls. You can either secure the curls by creating a base 'ring' of bobby pins or the easiest solution is to use Grip Tuth Combs. I use the regular 2 3/4 inch on the sides and the 4 inch Frenchy combs for the back. For the shape of my head, these pretty much line up next to each other to create a solid foundation between the smooth sides and back and the free flowing curls. Then you can pick out and finger coil individual curls and secure with a bobby pin for more definition, or just loosely pin the mound of curls into shape - how I do mine honestly depends on the length of my hair and the tightness of the spiral curls. 

If you have a non-distinct hair colour, you can also use a hair piece to create a poodle updo, simply by creating a high bun and placing the curly piece on top - something that I loved as a quick hair solution with my black hair. 


Pictured above (captured by Pandom Images in all my daggy glory!) I have created this hairstyle using a hair piece. The lovely Lucy Luxe beside me also loves the poodle updo - but if it was her real hair that night or a piece, only she can tell us!

There are two main reasons why I have developed a love and appreciation for this vintage hairstyle. 

It is (almost) weather proof - being up and off your neck, this hairstyle is great for hot summer days. You can choose to really layer on the hairspray too so those curls aren't going anywhere! 

Day 1 curl set style - I will often autopilot to this hairstyle for day 1 on a curl set. It is super quick to do on a freshly unwound curl set and it essentially maintains your curls in their formation (almost) for another day which results in an extra day or two of curls at the end of your curl life cycle. 

Check out this tutorial where I show you how to create the classic poodle updo using Grip Tuth Combs: 

So tell me - do you do the poodle do? 

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