Pastel Pin Curls
Sep 22, 2019

Pastel Pin Curls

You know when you brainstorm an idea with another creative and then still sit back in shock that you not only made it happen, but it has become something you are truly proud of? 

For Liz and I, that is our Pastel Pin Curls series. 

A styling, beauty and photography series that was recently published in the latest issue of Gracious Magazine 


Liz and I are no strangers to curling up her creative colour with my vintage styling. The Guillotine Hair Artistry and Sunshine Coast Pinup School have brought you many colourful looks in the past, including one featured in a previous blog 'Mermaid Hair Dreams'. 

Moving forward in our creative journey together, we wanted to challenge ourselves and create a series of portraits where the ladies' styles would stand alone, but also work together in a series. And so Pastel Pin Curls was born. 

Using pastel tones as the theme, we decided on yellow, blue and pink. These were also luckily backdrop colours I already had at Pinup HQ and Liz knew how to manipulate her base colours to create stunning bright pastel hair tones. So we set out searching for our models. Which believe me, finding 3 ladies willing to colour their hair was not easy! Liz needed a good blonde base to work off and I was searching for collarbone to mid back length hair, as I was planning for a brush out style, chignon updo and poodle inspired updo. 

Our lovely (agreeing!) models were Jacqueline Shapland from Jacqueline Creations (yes, if that name is familiar, she designed the lapel pin), Brisbane pinup model Miss Audrey Azure, and local model Natasha Crowe. 

The dates were set and our models would enjoy a hair colour and treatment at The Guillotine Hair Artistry and then 2 days later, the styling and photoshoot at Pinup HQ. 

Liz would send me photos of how the colour turned out and I would squeal with excitement. All 3 ladies were coloured and photographed over 3 separate weeks. 


Then it was a day of makeup by Liz and styled and photographed by me. We shot each girl in rotating positions on each coloured backdrop - pink, yellow and blue. Yes, there were ALOT of photos to get through. But as soon as we saw each girl against the backgrounds our visions were coming to life (it's ALIVE!!! lol). I also last minute decided to make matching peter pan collars. 


Part of our vision was to also fuse their portraits together to make it look like they were shot together in the same room and interacting with each other with the power of Photoshop. We also knew we needed to narrow down our selection of the final series to have each model with their own solo 'star' shots as we called them.


But that was no easy task. And involved me printing out our 'semi final' selections on paper in order to visualise the whole series working together. This was also done electronically while Liz was working in her salon and involved a lot photos back and forth until we came to our final decision. There was also a looming afternoon storm that day which meant Staffy on the table. 


With the power of photoshop (and the power of me teaching myself how to do this in photoshop!), the 'interaction' photos were created and we had our complete Pastel Pin Curls Series:

We are so proud our of team effort to create this series which showcased the combination of pinup girls, pastel hair colour and vintage styling. 

I hope you have enjoyed an insight into our creative process and love our work as much as we do.


Check out the creative teams links below:

Hair colour and makeup by Liz from The Guillotine Hair Artistry.

Blue hair model, Miss Audrey Azure

Pink hair model, Jacqueline Shapland

Yellow hair model, Natasha Crowe 


Grab your copy of Gracious Magazine here.


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