Snood to the Rescue!
Feb 07, 2023

Snood to the Rescue!

So you know how I love quick and effortless vintage style? Well I would be lost without my snoods!
While sometimes the occassion calls for me to spend hours setting and perfectly styling my hair, there are also times when that all goes out the window thanks to things out of my control - faulty alarm clocks and weather for instance! 
Other than being able to do a ‘snood style’ on natural unstyled hair - they can also be lifesavers for when things just go wrong. 
Here are 3 ways a snood can save you from having a bad hair day when you have set your hair in a curl set: 
Slept in and no time to brush out curl set?
Snood to the rescue!
We've all been there. Perhaps you hit the snooze button just to get a few more minutes sleep to make up for your less than comfortable night sleeping in a curl set, or the alarm glitched and you never set it in the first place. Then realise you don't have the time to get ready AND brush out your curl set! 
Be inspired by the frizzy spirals of the 1940s and you don't even have to finger brush those curls. Just scoop them up into a snood leaving the front sections to roughly pin into a half poodle. Hair now done in 5 minutes - and you can basicly start with a day 1 curl set tomorrow? Yes please! 
Frizzy curl set no matter how much you brush it?
Snood to the rescue! 
Sometimes it just happens. You end up with really frizzy curls and you either don't have time to keep smoothing them down or want to just give up and slick it all back into a pony tail. You can use this added volume to your advantage with what I am calling a 'renaissance turned pinup' snood style that is perfect for hot summer days (perhaps why you have the extra frizz?). Scoop up the curls into a snood like normal and secure behind the ears with bobby pins, then slide the top elastic of the snood down so it craddles all that volume at the base of your hair, and pin any extra slack from the bottom of the snood to create a volumous bubble. Try brushing your curls out again tomorrow. 
The weather ruined my hair
Snood to the rescue!
Nothing can ruin your day more than having a perfectly styled coiffure and then you go outside to find wind, rain and all sorts of unagreeable weather. Adding a snood can not only save you from having a bad hairday to match the bad weather, but it can also save your curl set to a point that you may be able to rescue it again later that night or the next day. 
All of the above are snapshots from the video below - go check it out! 
OK, I did have a lot of fun filming these videos 
Will you be adding a snood to your emergency hair kit? 
If you want to learn more about curl sets and how to troubleshoot them, have a look at the Vintage Curl Sets Course. 
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