What The Prong?
Nov 24, 2021

What The Prong?

If you have a squiz at the online shop you will notice we offer a couple of difference types of hairstyling clips. From single and double pin curl clips to what we call wave clips, each of these clips have their own properties, advantages and disadvantages, and ideal uses. But I know it can be a little confusing at times, so I've broken it all down for you here. 

Single Prong Pin Curl Clips

These are the most commonly used pin curl clip for vintage styling. Featuring a thin 40mm pointed clip. They are great for securing wet, dry or heated pin curls. Due to their size they are also handy to secure small details such as decorative pin curls and small waves in upstyles. 


- Pointed shape allows for 'sliding' into hair

- Versitile size and shape


- Larger pin curls require two clips for stability

- Pointed end can get caught in hair during overnight sets


Double Prong Pin Curl Clips

The double prong pin curl clip has similar uses to it's single pronged sister, however with a slightly different design. It features a 40mm clip with two prong edges connected by a 'bridge', the clip base also opens to a wider 7.5mm space. 

This style of pin curl clip is generally used to secure larger pin curls as the base allows for clipping over the entire flat pin curl. They are also great to secure velcro rollers in place as it can clip over the base and into the inside of the roller with ease. 


- Secures larger flat pin curls 

- Sturdy clip base


- Design does not allow for easy 'sliding' into hair

- Bridge can cause dents 


Wave Clips

For the sake of this category, let's also call wave clips 'Long Prong' clips - becuase I am liking comparing their relative 'prongs'. Featuring a 80mm pointed single prong clip. Wave clips are handy to secure in waves while styling, they can also be used to secure larger pin curl details in upstyling. Due to their size, they are also used to secure large section wet, dry or heated pin curls. 



- Large size for securing bigger sections

- Perfect for securing waves during styling


- Curved prong will 'bend' section if left on too long


I personally have all 3 in my hair kit and regularly utilise their prongs for their ideal uses. 

If you are interested in learning how these clips can be used for creating vintage curls, make sure you check out the Online Course - Your Perfect Curl. 



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