Curate Your Wardrobe
Jul 05, 2023

Curate Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe Curation 

Do you find that you have a wardrobe full of pretty pinup and vintage inspired clothing that you just don’t reach for on a regular basis or you feel like you can’t wear those outfits without going full out in hair and makeup?

What if I told you, you could curate your wardrobe so that you will have quality pieces that fit your style, suit you, can be mixed and matched and that will transcend your ‘event only’ clothing into ones you will be able to incorporate into your daily rotation.

Has modern consumerism let us down?

Back in the day, when you went to a department store, part of a sales assistant’s job was to be highly educated in colour analysis and body silhouettes. She would walk you through and suggest the best colours, cuts, fabrics and shapes to suit you. The same goes for makeup sales or Avon ladies, they would be able to suggest the makeup, lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows etc that would best suit your skin colouring, bring out and highlight your natural features.

But now, thanks to modern consumerism, we have unfortunately lost that personalised service when it comes to our clothing and makeup. We will aimlessly look through the clothing racks or absorb advertisement on what the brand or company wants you to wear. Nowadays, sales assistants are unfortunately encouraged to convince you to buy the high ticket item whether it looks good on you or not, just to meet their monthly quotas.

I feel like we have lost our way, and when it comes to pinup and vintage styling in particular, sometimes we are bombarded by so much inspiration and stimuli in terms of vintage photographs, classic movies and curated Instagram outfits, that we have lost touch with what we want and how we want to feel in our own clothing. Isn’t that the whole reason why most of us got into this style in the first place?!

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I have been victim to this where I have purchased a dress online because it was all the rage in the pinup community, only to try it on and feel lack lustre. Or buy the same colour top that you see another pinup rocking only to feel somewhat out of place wearing it yourself. Or get the red lipstick in the shade that is most popular and then never wear it or feel like it overpowers your features.

In this series, I will be bringing you some tips and tools to help you curate your pinup wardrobe. A collection of pinup and vintage inspired clothes that will serve you for many years to come. It will transcend that one dress that comes out for events and will provide you with items of versatile clothing that you can incorporate into your daily wardrobe, whether that is at work, home or play. It will also make it that much easier to dress in your vintage style on more of a daily basis without feeling like you are in costume. Additionally, with a curated wardrobe in colours that compliment your natural beauty, you will feel more comfortable wearing it without the need to do full pinup hair and makeup to do the outfit justice.

Curate Your Wardrobe Series

In this series, we will go through:

  • how to find your colours
  • narrow down your style inspirations
  • get to know your body, lifestyle and needs
  • analyse, stocktake and build your wardrobe
  • Track and keep your wardrobe working for you for years to come

Are you ready to dive deep into your wardrobe and style preferences to curate your perfect wardrobe, that will work for you and serve you for many years to come? 

Check out the other content in this Curate Your Wardrobe Series available through the links below and bundled together in a Free Online Course including a downloadable workbook. 

Curate Your Wardrobe

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