How to Find Your Best Colours
Jul 05, 2023

How to Find Your Best Colours

Finding Your Best Colours

Have you ever heard of colour analysis? Or personal colour seasons?

Today I will show you how you can find your best colours to wear using an app called Dressika. Doing so, you will be able to find and wear clothing that suits your natural complexion, brings out your inner beauty and gives you confidence and radiance.

dressika app

This is part of the Curate Your Wardrobe series. If this is the first time you are hearing about this and you want to learn more and follow on, please check out the introductory blog post I wrote - you can also get it all in the one place as a Free Online Course and Workbook. 

Now if you have fallen down the colour analysis rabbit hole like I have, you may know that each person can be categorised into a certain season with varying temperatures and tones – for instance you can be a cool winter, a light spring, a warm autumn, a soft summer etc.

There is so much information on the internet on how you can try to analyse yourself to find which category you fall into by answering a few questions or completing a quiz, or there are many colour analysis professionals you can visit in person or online for them to analyse your colours for you (BTW I love watching all these videos on YouTube).

The colours that are picked for you are ones that reflect the light in the right way to even out your skin tone and highlight your features. If you have ever put on a colour and found that it washes you out or straight up doesn’t suit you – this is an example of a colour that may not be in your preferred colour palette. Now, when I did start to do these online colour analysis quizzes I found that I was questioning exactly what my skin tone was, I was like well blue is my favourite colour I guess I'm cool toned? My skin is a bit pale and reddish but I was hesitant to pick that skin tone on a chart, and initially I always thought I had blue eyes but on closer inspection they are actually more grey.

So it was pretty easy to fudge the results of the colour analysis quizzes online just by selecting different options. Then I came across this app called Dressika, where it actually analyses your colours from a photo - so it takes a lot of the guess work out of it.

colour analysis in dressika app

I am a warm spring

warm spring result

This is the premium version, in the basic you can still see the colours you just don’t have the interactivity to try them on for all the colours, or clothing textures. For the functionality of this app, I think it is worth signing up for the premium price as it can save you money in the long run especially if you buy a lot of clothing online that you can't try on, it can save you from getting that item of clothing that may not suit you or be something you reach for. You can try on the colours and perhaps find some that you never would have thought would work, for instance I am now seeking more green for my wardrobe. You can even change your hair colour and try on different makeup looks! 

dressika app

When it comes to clothing and colour analysis, this is mainly dealing with tops, as it is the light reflected off the colour onto your face. So you can wear anything on the bottom half. I come from growing up in the 90's and as a big busted gal, and ‘wear black it's slimming’ is permanently ingrained into my brain, I do have a lot of black tops and I like how they slim this area down, but most of the time I will look at my face getting ready and think I need just a bit of tinted moisturiser or some light makeup to look less ghostly or patchy. That is why I am trying to break this mentality and wear colours that suit my natural complexion and I do notice a huge difference and how I feel just 'me' in certain colours that happen to also be in my seasonal colour palette.

What I love about this app is it also has a wardrobe feature, where you can take a photo of something and it will analyse it against your colour palette. This is also handy while out shopping or online if you see a colour you can snap a picture or screen shot it and put it in the app to make sure if the colour is going to be right for you.

dressika app

Keen to try out the app for yourself? Download the Dressika colour analysis app here and you will go into the draw to receive 1 of 3 lifetime premium subscriptions. 

You can also see the full app video walk through on the YouTube Video and below:


Are you ready to dive deep into your wardrobe and style preferences to curate your perfect wardrobe, that will work for you and serve you for many years to come? 

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